Do You Drink Your Wine Too Warm?

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Do You Drink Your Wine Too Warm? - 07/24/18 09:25 PM

There are all sorts of infrared thermometers out there, of all shapes and sizes. I love this Supco PIT1 Pocket Infrared Thermometer because it can easily be tossed in a pocketbook or pocket. It's that small and easy to carry around. There are all sorts of times that it's good to know what the temperature of something is. A forehead. The air. The dashboard of a car. And wine! Wine is one of those things that can taste delicious at a reasonable temperature and atrocious at a wildly off temperature. This device lets you know if you need to warm it up a bit or cool it down.

Most of the time you just point this at something, press the button, and you get a readout of the temperature. That's how I tend to use it. I dock one star because the button wears down quickly and then you have to press it a few times to get a reading. Still, it does still work, and I've had mine for quite a while.

There are also modes where it will show you the minimum or maximum temperature reached, which are good if you're trying to make sure an area stays within a certain range.

Well recommended for its main purpose which is just pointing it at something and knowing the temperature. I use this fairly often. You'll be surprised in how many different situations it's nice to know the temperature of something.

Supco PIT1 Pocket Infrared Thermometer

Posted By: Lisa Shea

Re: Do You Drink Your Wine Too Warm? - 01/23/20 02:10 AM

I know some people who don't like a sharp taste in wine, so they put ice cubes in their wine to mellow the taste. I prefer to use cheese, if that's the challenge. But to each their own!
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