2004 Willm Pinot Gris.

I have been drinking this wine for several years now. pale yellow in color, it has a ripe enough nose of citrus and nectarine. This wine is finished off-dry, so there is detectable sweetness in the mouth, to go along with round citrus flavors and aenoughlemony zing so the wine is not fat nor flat. Medium bodied and medium finish.

I started buying this wine in the '01 or '02 vintage when it sold for $6 the half-bottle. I thinki t is $8 now, might be $8.99. It is worth buying - if you can find it in full bottles, it probably sells for under $15.Willm is a reliable producer of inexpensive Alsace wines - their Riesling was for years a WS Best Buy.

I'll say it again - reliable, inexpensive Alsace wines. Look for 'em and buy 'em.