Visiting many music festivals this summer led me to Burgundy and a completely new event called Rootstock festival. No words to explain how stunning it was, so let me picture it for you: french chateau, vineyard, lights, sunsets, glasses of wine, luxury camp and jazzy-electric-rockish-blues music. It was so dreamy! blush

Anyways, since I was there, I decided to pay for a tasting session which lasted for almost an hour and costed something like 20 euros (cheap, if you ask me).

I tried four of the Chateau de Pommard wines, accompanied with perfect small bites. Wine advisors led us through each glass and it was very kind and professional in the same. time.

All in all, an experience to remember. Burgundy chardonnay and pinot noir, most famous in the region, are a must try. And if you ever get to choose where to go - Pommard and this chateau couldn't be better option. wink

Here is the link for more info:

And one picture taken when no one was around, luckily!


Now I'm planning another route in the same area, 'cause once you go french, there's no coming back! So, recommendation???

Thank you!