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Looking for advice on a "storage/cooler" #358175 04/30/11 12:50 PM
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GerryTX Offline OP
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OP Offline
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Joined: Apr 2011
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I am kind of new to the US wine scene.

I am US born, and with the exception of a year, lived here all my life.

Most of my life, up till 2000, I was pretty much a "white wine" only drinker.

Until I and my family had the opportunity to live in the South of France, in Aix en Provence for a year.

Wine was plentiful, and a 4-8$ bottle of wine just about anywhere was usually pretty darn good.

I learned to love Red's, and Rose's. My wife is still pretty much stuck on Whites.

So, lately I have been trying all kinds of new wines from all of the Globe. Who knew that Australia would have such good wines wink

Anyway, I am in need of a unit, that can "store" wine for a length of time, ie.. 3-5 years as a cellar would, and I would like that unit to also have preset temp for white wines (doesn't need to be big, as whites aren't plentiful in this house and don't need to bought too far in advance, but 3rd, I need one that will keep Reds at ready temp for serving.

So, I can move a wine from the upper setting (cellar storage) to either the white temp zone or the red temp zone when ready to serve within a couple of days.

Issue is, I have no space in my house.. no unused closet, definitely NO cellar and I live in Texas, so 80% of the year the house time is 78-80 at a minimum.

I have looked through the house for a suitable storage cellar and haven't found one. I know I can get dual temp coolers, but I am wanting a 3 temp zone cabinet. (one with UV glass cover)

I would say, I would have no more than 20-30 wines in the cellar storage (maybe a few more) but just a few whites in the chiller part and maybe a dozen red's in the red chiller part.

After weeks or research, I can't find a suitable (and within my budget range) unit and if there are a few, I can't decide.

so, I am hoping some folks out here might point me in the right direction.

I appreciate any advice (and I wont hold anyone to any advice, I believe in the good Samaritan law smile )

Thanks in advance

Gerry from Texas (East.. OMG way too East)

Re: Looking for advice on a "storage/cooler" [Re: GerryTX] #358177 05/01/11 11:36 AM
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Peter May Offline
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Best Friend
Joined: Nov 2004
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We can simplify your needs. You don't need a 3 zone unit.

Presuming you already own a fridge, then all you need to do is move white wine to the fridge before serving.

Red wine: if you intend aging red wine then they will throw sediment so should be stood upright for a day or two before serving, so take from storage before serving and stand upright.

So, what are we left with? Actually, you only need a one zone unit suitable for storing wine at optimal temperature!

My advice is to get the largest unit you can afford because they fill up as if by magic.

In Costco and Home Depot you'll see small chiller units.

There are two types of units. Those you see in places like that are usually intended for short time storage at cool temperature, as used in restaurants and wines bars where wine is ordered and served immediately.

The second type is those for wine buffs which are intended to replicate ideal cellar temperatures for aging wines for years and decades. The top brands which have been in the business for decades are are EuroCave and Liebher but many new players have come on the scene in recent years.

You need cool, dark and free from vibration. Don't get a glass door - they're for showing off ready to serve wine, not for aging.

Re: Looking for advice on a "storage/cooler" [Re: Peter May] #358187 05/06/11 01:39 AM
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Lisa Shea Offline
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Silver Star Soulmate
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Right I'm all with Peter here - get one temperature for storage, and then just cool down or warm up the specific bottle when you're ready to drink it. It only takes a short while to do that.

And definitely the bigger the better, they don't tend to stay empty smile

I have to say on the glass doors that they help me though. I can glance in the various fridges and know which one to go into to get something.

Lisa Shea, owner

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