Dark and dense, yes. Can stain your mouth and tongue purple.

I had a Baco Noir couple of evenings ago...

Lamb shanks in the oven, big flavoursome meal, what to open...?

Been thinking about my incoming holiday to Canada and that reminded me of my last trip in 2006 and having Henry of Pelham 2004 Baco Noir three consecutive nights in a white timber restaurant next to my motel..

I have one that I brought home, but this is the Henry of Pelham Reserve 2004 which I'd been advised should be kept. But I think almost 7 years is enough, but I’ll open and pour it an hour before we eat.

Bit of a gamey taste when first opened (I consider it’s my duty to take a decent mouthful on first opening). When we eat its lost that edge and becomes really attractive. Powerful, smooth, got a taste I just can’t put a name to – the word marshmallow comes to mind but I’ve not tasted one of those for fifty years at least. Mrs M is enjoying it greatly, which means I get less to drink than I hoped, thank goodness for that dutiful first gulp.

And then it’s gone and Mrs M is asking what happened to it.... did I re-check the wine while cooking?

I stick a 50cl bottle of Peller Estate 2007 Signature Series Icewine in the freezer (gift from Lisa) to mollify her and we sip that looking at a docu-drama of how OBL was tracked down and terminated.

And so to bed.