I'm just getting into making wine and other spirits. When I start making my wine, I'll be bottling about 6 cases (72 bottles) of what I think is exotic wine.

I apologize now for anythign that I say that might be wrong since I'm just starting out, please please correct me if I need corrected as I want to minimize my errors cause making wine is expensive.

My first wine is culturally native to the country of Yemen. They used a tree call Dragon's Blood tree, it's sap resembles that of blood and has been used as a healing/health agent for over a thousand years. I have purchased a couple of the trees so I can drain sap yearly for wine making, but my question for this wine is 'what are some good pairing ingredients to produce a spice(spiced or even spicey) wine?'

I want the wine to be most enjoyed in the cooler evenings at room temperature, something that will help warm the palet, I thought maybe a cinnimon but then thought it to be too common of a palet warmer. Does anyone have any ideas for me as far as for pairing ingredients to get the taste I desire?