The X Grape

Xinomavro is of course a thrilling grape to me because it begins with the letter "X" :) - how often do you get to write about words beginning with X! I've only ever had wines with Xinomavro that come from Greece. The bottles all claim that Xinomavro is indigenous to Greece, but of course one never really knows back in the far mists of time.

Xinomavro Wine Xinomavro is a light red wine, gentle body, with flavors of tomato. I find this perfect combination with a robust salad. You can also get hints of leather and spice depending on which winery's version of Xinomavro you get.

The color is a brick red but not very dense / dark.

I compare it sort of with Chianti. I realize that no wine is exactly like any other wine, but for people looking for a general area that this wine might fit into, Chianti would be it for me. Pleasant, lovely for sipping, a good bit of character, enjoyable.

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