German Blush Wine

Weissherbst is a rose, or blush, wine made in Germany. This means they begin with red wine grapes, and then start fermenting it. Soon after the fermentation is going, the winemaker removes the skins. That way only the pinkest of tint of color comes from the skins. All grapes are "white" on the inside so the resulting color is very pale.

White Zinfandel glass Weissherbst wines must be single varietal wines, so for example only Cabernet sauvignon or only Merlot. The wine must also meet the qualifications for QbA or Prädikat.

Note that just because it's pink doesn't mean it's sweet. Weissherbst tends to be dryer in flavor (i.e. not sweet), and it can be bitter-sweet and tangy.

Rose is traditionally served between 41F to 45F. Refrigerators tend to be down around 35F so let your wine warm up from the fridge a bit before you enjoy it. That way you get more of the flavors.

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