Spanish White Grape

Verdejo is primarily known as a Spanish white grape, grown in the Rueda area. It is generally grown at high altitudes with well drained soil. If a wine is called "Rueja Verdejo" it must be at least 85% Verdejo.
Verdejo Riedel wine glass
Verdejo is generally harvested after dark and cool fermented to preserve its flavors. It has a light, grassy flavor, similar to Sauvignon Blanc and is often blended with Sauvignon Blanc.

Some people feel Verdejo is Spain's best white grape variety for its honey and nutty flavors. Interestingly, though, it can be challenging to find a wine labelled as "Verdejo" for people to try and see what its flavors are.

The only wine I've found that had Verdejo labeled as a component was Ipsum - a Spanish wine with an old-style bicycle label. It has 60% Verdejo and 40% Viura. It was indeed much like a sauvignon blanc in flavor, crisp and grassy.

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