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Soave (swah-vay) is an Italian white wine. Soave is one of the top selling wines in Italy, along with Asti Spumanti, Amarone and Chianti. Soave is created in the Venice area from the Garganega and Trebbiano di Soave grapes.

There are three styles of Soave:
  • dry, still
  • spumanti - sparkling
  • recioto - sweet

The best Soave are the Classico Superiore, which are grown in hillside vineyards and account for 20% of total Soave production. Soave is an extremely popular export, with around 50 million liters a year being produced. The only "grade" of Soave is Superiore, which requires 8 months aging and a minimum alcohol level of 11.5%.

Legend has it that Dante, the famous Italian poet of the 13th century, gave soave its name (meaning "smooth"), because of its mildness.
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Soave is a straw yellow color, almost green sometimes. It's known to be delicate and light, perhaps a hint of almonds. Think perfumes and gentle flowers. Gentle acidity. A slightly bitter finish.

Soave is best as a before-dinner drink - with hors d'oeuvres or soups. It can also go with light dishes, like simple vegetables, rice, pasta, and the like. It's best served around 48°F.

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