Grassy French White Wine

Semillon is a thin-skinned white grape that ripens early. Semillon is used primarily in Bordeaux, France. It is the key ingredient in Sauternes. When drunk alone it has a grassy, "figgy" flavor, which can tend towards more of a nutty, floral flavor depending on the climate. Semillon is often blended with sauvignon blanc or chardonnay for added balance.

As of 1998 there were 30,000 acres of Semillon planted in Bordeaux. Semillon is also grown in Australia and California, and while at one time it was the most planted white grape anywhere, it has fallen out of fashion. Semillon was brought to Australia in the early 1800s - it is currently well known there in the Hunter Valley. In general, semillon is a very easy vine to grow and is often used in new wine regions to test the soils and climate.

Semillon can be drunk young for its fresher flavors, or allowed to age so the mellower flavors come through. It should be drunk within 5 years. It should be served at around 50F. It goes well with seafood and fish - from oysters, clams and scallops to salmon and tilapia.

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