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Pink Sipping - Sweet or Dry

Rose is not a specific grape or region. Instead, it is a category of wine, much like "white" and "red" are categories of wine. Rose (pronounced roh-ZAY) is named for the pale red color of the wine, and refers to any wine which is light red / pink in color. White Zinfandel is a primary example of rose wine. This style of wine is also known as a blush wine.

Rose wines are traditionally made from RED wine grapes. All grapes are white on the inside. It is only the outside skin that is red or white. The reason red wines are red in color is that, during the winemaking process, the wine makers let those red skins "sit" on the wine juice. The red color soaks from the skins into the resulting wine. The longer the winemaker lets the skins stay with the juice, the darker and rich the color becomes.
White Zinfandel glass
Therefore, to make a light rose wine, with a light pink / blush color, the winemaker simply lets those skins stay in touch with the wine for a very SHORT period of time. The wine only becomes light pink in color rather than dark red. The flavor is also light and fruity.

You can use this same process with pretty much any red grape. People make white merlot, for example, which is a blush style of merlot. You can even do it with Champagne! A pink Champagne is a Champagne made with a rose wine.

Not all rose need to be sweet. Rose can be made in any style from dry to sweet, all based on the winemaker's aim. There are many rose from France which are traditionally pink - and traditionally quite dry.

Rose go very well with salads and light dishes.

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