South African Red Wine

Pinotage Book by Peter MayPinotage was produced by crossing Pinot Noir and Cinsault, and is grown primarily in South Africa. Wine was first planted in South Africa in 1652 by the Dutch - they used wine on sea voyages to give to the sailors prevent scurvy. In 1922 Professor Peroldt created the Pinotage cross, and in 1952 it was planted. The rest is history - the Pinotage grape ripens early and produces well.

Pinotage has a distinctive flavour, very fruity with an underlying taste frequently compared with banana. It can be drunk young, to maintain its fruity flavor. It also ages well, and the mellowing effect allows the wine to taste like a mature bordeaux. Pinotage pairs well with stews and other rich dishes. It should be served at 61F - warmer than fridge temperature but not "room temerature" in modern times.

A friend of mine, Peter May, wrote an entire book on the history of Pinotage. It is fascinating! I highly recommend getting a copy and seeing what a wild ride Pinotage has had over the years.

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