Pear / Perry Wine

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Pear Wine / Perry WinePliny the Elder, writing in the years just after Christ, was a great fan of pear wine. In Roman times, this drink was called "Castomoniale" and was one of the most popular alcohol drinks around.

This wine style became a great favorite in Paris in the 1400s. There is even a specific name given to pear wine - this is, of course, "perry". The drink became so popular that the coat of arms for Worcestershire showed 3 pear trees on it.

Melomel is a mead (honey wine) made with flavoring from pear added to give it an added level of complexity.

In the US, pear trees never became as popular as apple trees - I suppose there was no "Johnny Pearseed" to go around planting thousands of pear trees for the settlers. Pear wine and pear products became a sign of elegance and luxury.

Pear wine can be one of the most delicious wines you'll taste, and goes very well with cheese and light dishes.

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