Niagara Grape

Native North American Grape

The first thing to do with Niagara is to differentiate between the white grape and the wine region. There is a Canadian Niagara Wine Region located just over Niagara Falls. This region makes awesome ice wines. This region does NOT have anything to do with the Niagara grape.

The Niagara grape is a type of Vitis labrusca grape. These grapes are native to North America, as compared with the Vitis vinifera grapes which are native to Europe. Many wine drinkers feel that Vitis labrusca grapes have a "foxy" flavor to them which is why this distinction is so clear.

The Niagara grapes were created in the late 1800s, when Concord grapes were crossed with Cassady grapes.

Most grape juice in the United States is created from Niagara grapes.

Niagara wines can be musky, floral and lemony. The Niagara grape can grow in many cold-weather locations where other grapes might not survive at all.

Canadian Niagara Wine Region

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