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Loire Valley

The Loire Valley is a strip of France from the middle western edge to below Paris. This region is best known for Sauvignon blanc, Chenin blanc and Cabernet Franc, with wineries nestled down against the Loire River. The two wine types most recognize from this region are Sancerre and Vouvray.

However, back in the 11th and 12th century, perhaps the most well known wine came from the western region of the Loire Valley - the Wines of Anjou. Henry II was born in Anjou, and the white wines created here were world famous. They were hailed in the Three Musketeers as being almost as good as Champagne or Grand Cru Cote d'Or wines.

In recent years, Anjou is more known for its rose wines, and for a few Cabernet Franc producers.

Across the Loire, Chenin blanc in particular is created in many different styles in this region. It can be dry or sweet, light or sparkling.

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