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Landot Noir, or Landot 4511, is one of the group of grapes known as hybrid grapes. They are grapes who were created by breeding French grapevines and American grapevines together to create a hearty grape with a combination of good flavor and winter-sturdiness. Landot Noir is a red grape (Noir means "black" in French).

Landot Noir is primarily grown in New York and Ontario, Canada where the vineyards need a grape that can take the cold weather. It's always a tricky balancing act to find grape vines that can survive killer frosts and still create a tasty wine.

People are sometimes interested how these "unusual grapes" came to be. It is the result of breeding, then more breeding, then more breeding, to figure out how to get a grape to grow well and taste good at the same time. Let's look at this situation.

Landot Noir has been around since the 1950s. It was created from Landal Noir 244 (also known as Landot 244) and Seyve Villard 12.375 (also known as Villard Blanc) as its parents.

So on to the parents. Let's start with Landal Noir 244. Landal Noir 244 was a cross of Seibel 5455 and Seibel 8216. Seibel 5455 was a cross of Seibel 4461 with (berlandieri x Jacquez). Seibel 4461 was a cross of Clairette Doree Ganzin x Seibel 2003 (you can see how this gets confusing). The man Seibel, as a comment, was a grape researcher in France in the 1950s who did a lot of testing and breeding experiments.

Clairette Doree Ganzin was created from (Aramon x rupestris) X Gros Clairette.

Aha!! Aramon! Aramon is finally an actual known red grape grown in France, in the Languedoc region! So after all that back-tracking we have finally found a "known" French grape that originally parented this wine.

So now if we look down the Villard Blanc side of the tree, I can't even seem to find what the parents of Villard Blanc are! Can anyone help out with this?

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