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Hermitage is the most famous of all Rhone Valley, France appellations. The region itself is only 311 acres of granite hills. Red Hermitage wine is made solely from the Syrah grape, and has been famous in France for centuries.

Red Hermitage wines are known for their long life and robust flavor. Even in Roman times, they were known as "Vienne wines". Later, because of a nearby chapel to the saint, they were called "Saint Christopher's Hillside Wines".

These wines are an inky black to deep garnet color, and the aroma is very much of black fruits and spice. The flavor has smoke and pepper, sometimes raspberry or blackberry, as well as mellow tannins.

Syrah Glass Hermitage goes very well with beef, game, and other hearty foods. It also goes well with Indian, Mexican, and other spicy foods. This wine should be served at about 64F. It can age for around 5 years.

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