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The Grenache grape variety is claimed by some to be the second most planted grape in the world, competing with Trebbiano for that honor. It is the most planted red grape in Spain, and is popular in many other European countries as well. It seems to have originated in Spain, but has long since been spread to all corners of the globe.

Grenache wines tend to be a pale red color with a flavor of sweetness. It can also be made into a thick red wine, if the vines are pruned and cared for properly. Grenache is a key ingredient in Rioja, where blending with Tempranillo creates a robust, hearty red.

In France, most Grenache comes from the Rhone region, and it is popular in California and Australia as well. There is also a white version of this grape - Grenache Blanc, although this is far less popular.

Grenache pairs well with hearty meals - steak, burgers - and should be served at 64F. It should normally be drunk quickly, within 5 years or so.

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