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What a great name! Est! Est!! Est!!! is a wine created in Montefiascone, north of Romae around the 'Lago di Bolsena' (Lake Bolsena). The white wine is made from trebbiano and malvasia grapes. It's a pretty low-key semi-sweet wine with a small amount of effervescence and mild, fruity flavors.

The fun part about this wine is its name. Apparently it was named this in the 1100s, during the times of Henry V. A German bishop, Johann Fugger, needed to go to Rome for his coronation. He sent his lacky ahead of him to mark the inns serving the best wines with "Est!" on their doors in chalk. This stood for vinum est bonum, the wine is good. When this runner hit Montefiascone, he liked the wine there so much that he wrote "Est! Est!! Est!!!" on the door!

There is actually a tomb in the Montefiascone church with Fugger's name on it, although nobody knows for sure how much of the tale is true.

This wine is of the drink-now variety and goes well with light appetizers.

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