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Dattier is an unusual wine - many people have never heard of Dattier. It goes by a number of different names. It can be found with literally over 100 different names, such as "Bolgar", "Afus Ali", "Raisin D'Or", "Rosetti", "Zeine", "Regina", and "Waltham Cross" just to name a few

Dattier is a white wine, and is reputed to have a "grapy" flavor.

I've never been able to get my hands on Dattier wine to give it a try. From the news I read it grows fairly easily and produces well. It's grown primarily in Australia but also shows up in Italy and other locations in very small amounts.

Dattier is fairly unique in that people would often eat these grapes as table grapes as well as making them into wine. Apparently Europe would get tons of Bolgar grapes in their stores every fall, from Bulgaria.

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