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Chardonel (also known as Geneva White 9 and GW 9) is one of the group of grapes known as hybrid grapes. They are grapes who were created by breeding French grapevines and American grapevines together to create a hearty grape with a combination of good flavor and winter-sturdiness.

Unlike most french hybrids, who have mysterious parents that nobody has heard of, Chardonel has a very well known parentage. It is the cross of Seyval and Chardonnay, and was done in 1953. Both of these grapes are fairly well known. Seyval is a French hybrid iself, while Chardonnay is an extremely well known French grape variety.

Chardonel is not extremely hearty, but does well in mid-cold areas. It provides good productivity and creates a nice tasting white wine. It is in essence the flavors of Chardonnay with the more sturdy character to better grow in cold climates that Seyval has.

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