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Aramon is a red wine which once was the most commonly planted grape in France! Amazingly, in modern days most wine drinkers have never heard of Aramon or tried it. I admit I like the name Aramon because it reminds me of Aragorn, my hero from Lord of the Rings :)

In France Aramon did very well, especially in the Languedoc region. It produced tons of fruit and resisted disease well.

Aramon was never a "high end $200/bottle" type of wine. Rather, it made tons of juice, could grow easily, and would result in lots of easy-drinking jug wine. The perfect thing for kicking back on a streetside cafe in the afternoon, sipping some inexpensive wine, nibbling some cheese and talking with friends.

Aramon traces its parentage to Gouais blanc and another unknown parent. That means Aramon is sort of related (a cousin?) to the Gamay grapes. Researchers believe the Gouais line was brought to France and other regions by the Romans as they came into the area.

If you can find some Aramon, give it a try! It's definitely a historical treat, to drink what most of the French were drinking up through the mid 1900s.

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