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Limes are known as a nickname for sailors. Sailors would eat limes to get the vitamin C to fight off scurvy. Limes are often thought of as a side flavor for rum and coke. Their bright citrus flavor adds a delicious brightness to sangria!

Sangria Recipes

Absolut Vodka Sangria Recipe
Brown Sugar Sangria Recipe
Cinco de Mayo Sangria Recipe
Cranberry Tequila Sangria Recipe
Cranberry Triple Sec Sangria Recipe
Five Fruit Sangria Recipe
Grand Marnier Sangria
Hot-Sauce Sangria
Jay's Party Sangria Recipe
Key Lime Sangria Recipe
Kiwi Sangria Recipe
Mango Cointreau Sangria Recipe
Mexican Sangria
Midori Sangria
Pear Sangria Recipe
Sangria with Whatever's Around
Sangrita - Tequila and Tomato Juice
Single Serving Mexican Sangria
Sparkling Cranberry Orange Sangria Recipe
Strawberry Lemon Lime Sangria Recipe

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