Sake Serving Sets

For an actual sake tasting you should get your hands on the bullseye bottomed sake tasting glasses. They are specifically designed for sake tastings and help you to see the color and cloudiness of the sake.

For regular day to day drinking, though, you can take a look at these sets! These are ones I've gathered over the years. Feel free to ask me about any of the sets you see below!

Sake Serving Sets

This first white ceramic sake set is a traditional one I've had for many, many years.

It showcases long grassy plants with thick leaves on it. It is a very restful and serene design.

I believe this might have come as a set with a bottle of sake, but I don't even remember now.

Sake Serving Sets

Next up we have a vintage white porcelain sake set that my friend from college, Sue, gave to me.

She knew how much I adored sake and knew I would be the right home for this set.

It features a geisha in the full traditional hair style and kimono. In feudal Japan, geisha would be the hostesses at fancy parties. They would play music and serve sake to the primarily male audience.

Sake Serving Sets

This white porcelain sake set is a special one. There aren't many like it out there.

I got as a free promotion when the video game Ikaruga was coming out!

I was a video game reviewer at the time and I loved to buy things the day they released. Often this meant I got a 'bonus pack' with various special items.

Sake Serving Sets

I go to sushi restaurants often and I always adored the cold sake servers. They were made of glass. They had a special pocket where you put ice cubes. That way the sake would stay chilled without getting diluted.

I finally got a glass sake decanter for myself! It comes with two glass sake cups too. I got it from Gourmet of Olde City.

Sake Serving Sets

In Japan the laborers would traditionally use wooden boxes that were used to measure out rice. They already had these rice-measurers so why not use them to drink from! This one has Japanese characters on it. I don't know what they say.

They are pretty, but they do impart a "woody" flavor to the sake (as you might guess).

They are about 2 1/2" on a side. I only use these for show, not drinking.

Sake Serving Sets

Another wooden Japanese rice box. This one is in a circular shape.

I have these for display but don't drink out of them.

Maybe someday I should :).

Sake Serving Sets

We also have the Riedel sake glass, with traditional Riedel styling.

This is made out of lead crystal, like other Riedel wine glasses are. It is designed to present the perfect aroma profile for the sake.

What kind of sake set do you like best?

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