Sake Pronunciation Guide

酒(Sake) Pronunciation Guide

Sake Barrel Interested in learning how all of these terms about sake are pronounced? Thanks to the wonders of the Internet, my friend HKos in Japan has clearly stated each of the following words in Japanese.

In each case, he first said the word at a normal, speaking speed. He pauses, then he repeats the word at a reduced speed.


Wav File

Sake audio
kuchi-atari audio
oku-bukai audio
koku ga aru audio
Seishu audio
Jizake audio
Koji audio
Koji-kin audio
Nihonshudo audio
Nigori-zaake audio
Namazake audio
Junmai-shu audio
Honjozo-shu audio
Ginjo-shu audio
Daiginjo-shu audio
Futsuu-shu audio

The Word "Sake"


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