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If you're looking for a link to a Vermont Winery, here is the list of wineries located in Vermont!

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Boyden Farm Winery
The Boyden Valley Winery is in Cambridge, Vermont. They are a fourth generation farm with a wide variety of offerings.

Grand View Winery
The Grand View Winery is found in East Calais, Vermont. They have delicious fruit wines as well as grape varietals.

Joseph Cerniglia Winery
The Joseph Cerniglia Winery is in Proctorsville VT. They do not have a website yet.

Labeille Honey Wine
This mead and honey winery does not have a website yet.

North River Winery
The North River Winery is in Jacksonville Vermont. They offer wine, cheese, baskets and much more.

Putney Mountain Winery
This winery is in Putney, VT but does not have a website yet.

Shelburne Vineyard
Shelburne offers riesling, cayuga, and merlot, and is adding in new varietals as well.

Snow Farm Winery
The Snow Farm winery is up in South Hero, Vermont, in the islands. Itīs the perfect day trip!

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