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Anderson's Winery, Inc.
On the southernmost tip of Lake Michigan, just south of the largest sand dunes in the Midwest, lies a ridge formed thousands of years ago by the glaciers as they crept south during the three great Ice Ages that covered the midwestern area and created the Great Lakes. This ridge is called the Valpa

Mallow Run Winery
2008 Indiana Winery of the Year. Mallow Run Winery is a small family-run winery about 20 minutes south of Indianapolis. Enjoy complimentary tasting in the 18th-century timber frame tasting room, and relax on the deck overlooking the vineyards.

Oliver Winery
Our Monroe County site is ideally suited for growing wine grapes. The hilltop location and well drained limestone soil provide the best environment for vine health. Our long, warm summers allow us to ripen the broadest range of grapes, including challenging varieties such as Cabernet Sauvignon and P

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