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AJF Port Wines
AJF has a lot of information on ports on line, plus a price list and ordering instructions for their own.

Blandy's Madeira
John Blandy first set foot on Madeira in 1807 when, as a 23 year old soldier, he was posted to the island with a British Army garrison under the command of General Beresford, sent to help the Portuguese thwart any invasion attempt by Napoleon´s navy.

Burmester Port
The Burmester Company, originally established in 1730, has specialized since 1750 in the production and export of Port Wines. The name Burmester comes from "Burgmeester", an important civic position held by the family during the Middle Age in Moelln, a small German city in the south of Luebeck.

Cockburn's Port
In 1815 Robert Cockburn, a member of a famous scottish family, founded the company of Cockburn´s in Vila Nova de Gaia, opposite Oporto at the mouth of the river Douro. the Cockburn family crest, a cockered on a coronet, has become a symbol of the company and appears on all bottles of Cockburn´s port

Cossart Gordon Madeira
Cossart Gordon & Co. was established in 1745 and is the oldest company in the Madeira trade. The company was founded by two Scotsmen, Francis Newton and William Gordon who fled Scotland following the failure of the Stuart cause which they supported.

Dow's Port
A very well known name in Port, Dow´s was established in 1798 by a Portuguese merchant, Bruno da Silva. Dow´s is made with Touriga Francesca, Touriga Nacional, Barroca, Roriz and Tinto Căo.

Ferreira Port
The most distinguished of all Port houses. A.A. Ferreira is the only Port wine company founded by a family of Douro wine growers and is located in the Upper Douro Region which is the home of Port wine.

Gilberts Port
The name Gilberts appears associated to Port Wine for the first time about one century ago. Karl Gilbert, born 1875 in Metz, Lorraine, arrived still in his youth to Oporto, birth place of his mother, belonging to a family devoted for several generations to the Port Wine trade.

Gould Campbell Port
Gould Campbell was founded in 1797 when Garret Gould, prompted by the political strife wracking his native Ireland, sailed to the hospitable shores of Portugal.

Graham's Port
Graham´s was founded in 1820 by Scottish brothers William and John Graham. Graham´s Vintage Ports have always been rated in the top two or three of all Port houses. In some undeclared years Malvedos wine is so good that it is bottled as Malvedos Vintage Port.

Leacock's Madeira
The Leacocks first landed on the lush green sub-tropical Atlantic island of Madeira in 1741 and were later to establish themselves as one of the leading families in the Madeira Wine trade.

Madeira Wine Company
The origins of the Madeira Wine Company started in 1913 when two companies, Welsh & Cunha and Henriques & Camara, joined forces to form the Madeira Wine Association Lda.

Offley Port
Imported from Portugal. Offley Forrester was established in 1737 by William Offley who was joined by Joseph James Forrester in 1831. Joseph Forrester studied wine growing, used the best plants and reorganized the vineyards.

Quinta do Vesuvio
Although historical records mention Vesuvio as early as 1565, it was primarily under the auspices of the Douro´s redoubtable widow, Dona Antónia Adelaide Ferreira, that this vineyard estate acquired its legendary reputation.

Sandeman Port
Sandeman has a vintage port from 1982 and 1994, and a single quinta vintage from 1988. They also have the typical 20-year tawny, LBV, and other ports.

Smith Woodhouse
Most of the Smith Woodhouse wines come from the Rio Torto area in the Upper Douro, the majority of them still produced by treading the grapes by foot in stone lagares.

Symington is the parent family of quite a few port wines - Warre, Graham, Dow, Smith Woodhouse / Gould Cambpell, and Quinta do Vesuvio.

Taylor, Fladgate and Yeatman
In existance for over 300 years, TF&Y is one of the vey oldest Port companies. It is the last totally independent company of the original British Port houses and it is still family owned and managed.

Warre's Port
The pioneer and oldest of all the great British Port companies is Warre´s, founded in 1670. Their principal vineyard, Quinta da Cavadinha, is located in Alto Douro, some 120 Kms east of the city of Oporto.

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