Georgia Wines

The country of Georgia is confusing to many American wine drinkers, because they have a STATE located above Florida which is also named Georgia. The state of Georgia is known for its peaches and golf, but not for its wine. In comparison, the COUNTRY of Georgia gained its independence from Russia in 1991. It is located just to the east of the Black Sea, and it is the northeastern neighbor of Turkey.

Khvanchkara wine Wine making has been a strong tradition in Georgia since before history began. The creation of wine, as well as the mining of precious minerals from their mountains, has founded the backbone of their fame.

The wine bottle on the left is a traditional ceramic bottle of Khvanchkara wine. This late harvest wine is made from red grapes and is sweet in flavor. It is made from local grape varieties.

Georgian wines can be VERY challenging to find in the US. You tend to only find them in ethnic / specialty stores that cater to an Eastern European client base.

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