Wine Bottle Wraps and Wrappings

When you give someone a present, it is nice to give it to them in a wrapping. You don't just hand someone a "toaster" - you put it in pretty wrapping so they have fun opening it up. The same is true for wine bottles! You don't want to just hand someone a wine bottle, or worse yet, give it to them in a brown paper bag as if they were a wino. Many world traditions emphasize the decorative wrapping of a present, to give the recipient a sense of excitement as they unwrap it. The same holds true with wine!

Wraps to Make

Wrap Style 1 - Fabric with Bows
Wrap Style 2 - Fabric with Decorative Fabric Paints
Wrap Style 3 - Fabric with Ribbons

Wraps to Buy

Apron Style

Sturdy Presentation Ideas

Wooden Presentation Box

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