Frequently Asked Questions about the PVC Winerack Project

Should we Glue / Staple / Nail the PVC Pipes in Place?

My answer is no. The idea is that the pipes will hold different weights of bottles depending on how you fill the rack and what size bottles are in each spot. You might have an assortment of big bottles, little bottles, heavy bottles, light bottles. You want the rack to settle naturally to support it. The pipes won't move, they are held in place by the weight of the bottles. If you start stapling them to each other, they're going to pull at each other and pull away from the edges of the wood and add unnatural stress to the system.

Should I Paint the PVC Pipes?

All you're going to see is the very front circle end of the pipe, so to me it's not worth painting it. I suppose if you felt ambitious you could paint those circles and front edges different colors, but if anything that is going to be the part that wears away as you slide bottles in and out. It seems to make the most sense to leave it raw plastic so nothing chips away.

Part 2: The Painting and Finishing
Appendix: Our Actual Measurements
Frequently Asked Questions about the PVC Winerack Project