Building an Inexpensive Wine Rack
Appendix: Our Actual Measurements

Part 1: The Construction
Part 2: Painting and Finishing

Here are the final dimensions of what we created, and what is shown in these photos.

Wood Information:
width: 26 3/4"
depth: 11 1/2"
height: 18 3/4"
thickness of wood: 3/4" plywood

PVC Pipe Information:
diameter: 4" inside (4 1/4" outside)
thickness: 1/8"
length: cut to 10"

Paint Information:
Any basement mold-resistant paint will do.
Non-gloss for base coat, gloss for final coat.

Yes, they could be stacked, if you wish. I'd use caution, though. The higher you stack them, the more likely they are to tip over, if they're not exactly square. And bottles are breakable of course. If I were stacking them, I might screw them to each other to help them be more stable. If I went higher than 2-high, I'd even consider screwing them to the back wall to keep them up.

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