Building an Inexpensive Wine Rack
Part 2: Painting and Finishing

Part 1: The Construction The next step is to paint the box. Start with a mildew resistant primer - they sell this for cellar walls. Make sure you put a double coat on - the box will undoubtedly be somewhere damp, so the cork doesn't dry out.

Box Box

Box Now put on a few layers of high-gloss coat. You want to be able to wipe it clean easily. Finish it off with some clear coat acrylic. Now fill the box in with the cut tubes, and fill in your wine collection. Voila! Easy and inexpensive wine racking.

Box Box Box

Box The end result was 3 boxes that in total cost around $25. The materials for one box are approximately 8' of 1' deep plywood or shelving, along with 3 10' section of PVC pipe. Feel free to Email me with any questions about particular details!

Appendix: Our Actual Measurements
Frequently Asked Questions about the PVC Winerack Project

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