Wine Magazine Reviews

There are many different magazines on the world of wine, each with its own focus and audience. Here are a collection of magazines I've looked through over the years!

Modern Drunkard

This is definitely the magazine for someone used to 3-night-long benders and waking up in strange locations. Heavy drinking is the common theme - along with some mind-bending poetry!
Modern Drunkward Website

Quarterly Review of Wine

This elegant magazine comes out every 3 months (as you might guess) and tends to cover the finer things in life. Their writing and reviews are quite admired and respected.
Quarterly Review of Wine Website

Robert Parker / Wine Advocate

Robert Parker is one of the best known wine reviewers - to the point that some wineries deliberately make their wines in a style he likes, so that he'll rate them well and they will sell well. Some appreciate Robert's help - while others are upset at the way his personal taste is affecting the industry.
Robert Parker's Website

Wine Spectator

The elephant of the wine magazine world, the spectator can make or break a winery with its reviews. Amusingly, any wine that the Spectator lists as a "great buy for the price" quickly has a much elevated price, as wine shops see the demand increase.
Wine Spectator Website


Looking for a wine magazine with kick? With an attitude? This magazine rates wines as being "like a blonde from San Diego riding a dolphin into a sunset". Learn to see wines from a whole new point of view.
WineX Magazine Website

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