Plastic Non-Diluting Ice Cubes

These things are just about PERFECT for anybody who enjoys wine. Especially if it's hot out, it can be nearly impossible to keep your wine at a nice temperature. Wine should never be 90F!! If you throw in regular ice cubes, they make your wine taste watery and odd. These plastic ice cubes are PERFECT. They don't affect the wine's flavor, and they help it taste just right. Even the most discriminating of wine snobs should enjoy these, to keep their wine at a lovely cool drinkable temperature. Unless of course they refuse to leave their perfect temperature-controlled cellar :)

To start with, my first recommendation. These cuties LIGHT UP. You get four colors and you put them in the freezer. When you're ready to use them, there's a little button to push on the underside to get the color going. Each item is a single color, and goes from fast blink to slow blink to solid, with each push of the button. I happen to like solid color myself. I don't have any need for blinking lights around me :) So you can set it to whatever setting you want and it stays that way until you cycle around to turn it off.

Here is the official Lush Life picture of their cubes.

Light Up Ice Cubes

Here's the picture I took of one of mine. It's hard to take a picture of something that glows. In reality it really does look like the green is "all the way through the cube". And yes, it does cool down the drink.

Light Up Ice Cubes

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For something a little more tame, you can try out these reusable blue ice cubes -

reusable ice cubes

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Shoot, I thought the below golf ball ice cubes were SO cute, but they were discontinued!!

Golf Ball Ice Cubes

So were these!!

Green Ice Cubes

And these!

Luau Ice Cubes

What is this world coming to?? :)

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