Corkscrew Types and Reviews

I am a HUGE fan of plastic corks and even screwcaps, because up to 10% of all wine is destroyed by mouldy or faulty cork to some degree. Still, whether you're pulling tree-bark or plasic out of your bottle, here is how you get it out!

Portable Style Corkscrews

Army Knife Corkscrew
Portable Corkscrew
Waiter's Corkscrew

Screw Based Corkscrews

Solid Screw Corkscrew
Worm Screw Corkscrew
Winged Corkscrew
Table Mounted Worm Screw Corkscrew

Self Extracting Corkscrews

Screwpull Corkscrew
Lever Corkscrew
Battery Powered Corkscrew

Prong Based Corkscrews

Ah So (two prong) Corkscrew

Electronic Corkscrews

Oster 4207 Electronic Corkscrew

Gift Giving Corkscrews

Quality Wood Corkscrew
Fun Themed Corkscrew

About Synthetic Corks

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