Wine Cork Window Mobile Instructions

This wine cork window mobile is perfect not only for windows, but also for hanging on a wall as well. You can customize it to have corks from whatever winery theme you wish! In this case I made a Niagara Canada mobile, perfect for wintry freshness. I adore these wineries, especially Henry of Pelham! You'll note I have two of their corks on the mobile :) If you haven't tried ice wine, I highly recommend it. There's a reason they call the stuff liquid gold.

Wine Cork Window Mobile

Ah well, back to the mobile. Get yourself seven corks, a thin dowel, some beads and either wire or thread depending on how you want to hang the corks.

Step One. Drill vertical holes through each cork with a drill. We used a 7/64ths bit. Be careful not to drill your fingers!

Wine Cork Window Mobile

Next, decide how long you want each cork to hang from the dowel. You can make a straight-across pattern, a staggered pattern, an upward swoop, a downward swoop, whatever appeals to you. I went for a staggered pattern here.

Cut your thread or wire into lengths to match your pattern. Now start threading each one through a cork. Add on beads. I went with wire because I like to add a spiral to the bottom of each one.

Wine Cork Window Mobile

Add beads to both sides, in whatever color theme matches your mood. You can make different mobiles for the seasons, for the holidays, or to go with your room's decor. For this one I went with a rainbow theme.

Wine Cork Window Mobile

Once you're done with all seven corks, it's time to put them on the dowel. Start with the centermost item first, then add new corks to the left and right in pairs. When all seven corks are on the dowel, space them out to where they balance and look nice. Add a dollop of glue onto the top of each wire / thread to hold it in place. We used Elmer's ultimate glue here but really any glue should work well. Let it dry overnight.

Wine Cork Window Mobile

Voila! A pretty decoration that celebrates your love of wine!

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