Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

This is part 2 of my Plastic-cork Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

Once you have the frame itself dry and ready, it's time to add on the backing. The backing is what the corks will connect to so I wanted to use a foam backing so the corks could "set into" it a bit and really connect with it. That way they wouldn't fall off easily if the board was hung on a wall.

Cut the foam backing so that it approximately matches the back side of the frame. The wood part should overlap on all four sides so that the foam does not "stick out" on any side.

Wine Cork Trivet

Add enough glue to solidly hold the backing to the frame, and press them together. I put heavy wine books on top to make sure the seal was solid. Again I used the Gorilla Glue.

Wine Cork Trivet

Let that sit and dry for a while.

Wine Cork Trivet

Once that's ready, it's time to add in the corks! It works best to have more corks than you'll need so that you can go through them and see which fit well in which configuration. Corks are all different shapes and sizes so you'll need to pair up corks of matching lengths to get them to all fit in well. Once you have your design laid out, take out a row, put in glue, and put that row into place on the glue. Repeat for each row. Then let them sit overnight, and voila! A gorgeous trivet or wall corkboard!

Wine Cork Trivet

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