Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

I have many different versions of my wine cork trivet instructions online. This is a very unique set. First, I wanted to make a trivet that could also be used as a wall corkboard. This meant it needed to be larger than average. Second, where all of my other trivets were made with "natural cork" - i.e. tree bark from an oak tree - this was made with my "plastic cork" collection. So I had far more colors to work with here!

To add to the interest on this one, I also wanted to hand-choose the exact dimensions of the resulting rectangle. So we went to a local craft store and got assemble-yourself framing material. You can get these in pretty much any length you want. Just choose two for the sides, choose two for the top and bottom, and assemble. We also got foam board for the backing.

Wine Cork Trivet

So step 1. Assemble the frame. Really it was very easy. The pieces snap into each other. Just make sure that you choose equal length pieces for the two sides, and equal length pieces for the top and bottom. The frame pieces are meant to be a square / rectangle and not to be a warped polygon :)

Wine Cork Trivet

Glue that solidly - we used Gorilla Glue - and let it sit!

Now it's time for Step 2 - Wine Cork Trivet Instructions.

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