Wine Cork Trivet Instructions

Sometimes step by step instructions complete with photos really help you get through a project. Here are my step by step instructions for making your own wine cork trivet! The perfect use for all those corks that are stacking up.

First, what you need:

Wine Cork Trivet

My boyfriend cut a ton of wooden rectangles for me, all 3 5/8" by 5 1/2". He found this was the right size for a 10-cork trivet. We already had piles and piles of corks of course. Along with that you need some felt or fabric, and some glue.

People always ask me what kind of glue to use. I'm going to do a series of tests with different glue choices and see what works. This test is with leathercraft glue. I use this all the time for general household products (we did actually originally buy it for leatherwork). It's worked fine in all situations so far, so it was a good option to try here.

You can find the felt and glue at your local craft store. Felts come in a huge variety of colors and patterns, so get some that match your decor or holidays!

Now it's time for Step 2 - Wine Cork Trivet Instructions.

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