Wine Cork Wreath Instructions

It is very easy to make your own wine cork wreath. Wreaths like the one below sell for $60 or more both on the web and in shops! You can make your own for gift giving, to decorate your own home with, and of course to sell for profit if you want :)

Wine Cork Wreath

To begin with, you need a styrofoam circle, which you can get at most crafts stores. I used a 1/16 x 2 9/16 x 11 7/8 inch styrofoam form. Next, find some fabric to wrap wround the circle. You'll need some glue, we used Elmer's Ultimate because it expands to fill in cracks. Finally, you of course need a giant pile of corks.

The cork count is going to vary from wreath to wreath depending on how large or small the circle is and how large or small the corks you use are. However, in the wreath above I used:

layer 1 - 20 corks
layer 2 - 22 corks
layer 3 - 18 corks
layer 4 - 16 corks
layer 5 - 13 corks
layer 6 - 11 corks
layer 7 - 9 corks
Total - 109 corks

This is just how it happened to lay out as I constructed each layer. I didn't mathematically calculate the layers or anything like that!

To start with, here are the components:

Wine Cork Wreath

Drizzle glue on the back of the form to hold the fabric in place.

Wine Cork Wreath

Start wrapping the fabric in strips around the wreath.

Wine Cork Wreath

Here is the finished circle, ready for the corks.

Wine Cork Wreath

Now it's time for Step 2 - Wine Cork Wreath Instructions.

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