Wine Cork Corkboard Instructions

Wine corkboards are very easy to make! Start out by creating a wooden frame with a backing. You can do this with a kit or just glue / nail together four pieces of wood. Then you can then glue corks into it in a cross-hatch pattern and have a quite fun corkboard! You can use all the corks from a single vineyard, or mix up the wines you've tried over the years.

This corkboard was seen at the Paumanok Winery in Long Island, New York.

This next one is at Chester Hill Winery, Massachusetts.

This wine corkboard was seen during the last season of Monk. This was the episode with Sharona and Natalie together, and right behind them you can see the wine cork corkboard!

Corkboard Instructions

Are you inspired? Want to make your own wine corkboard? Here are step by step instructions with photos!

Corkboard - using a standard scrapbook style frame

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