Champagne Cork Pincushion Instructions

Are you popping a Champagne cork for a fun celebration, or just to enjoy your afternoon? Do you have Champagne corks lying around from previous festivities? Here is a fun, easy, quick craft to do with a Champagne cork that makes a perfect present! It's also great for a useful gift for yourself, if you have any needles or pins around!

All you need for this is a Champagne cork and a short stretch of ribbon.

It's fun to use a cork with special meaning to you, but of course any Champagne cork will do fine for the job! Give the cork a quick wash so it's nice and clean. Cut a piece of ribbon so it stretches around your cork. Tape or glue it into place. Voila, you're done!

Champagne Cork Pincushion Instructions

You can use this for pins for sewing projects, stick-pins for using on your cork board, needles, or many other sticky types of items.

Make a bunch for your friends, and celebrate your fun of living!

Champagne Cork Pincushion Instructions

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