Wine Bottle Coolers and Fridges

Wine needs to be served cool, just like ice cream should be served cold and not at a melty 100F :) These coolers and fridges help ensure that the temperature of wine is just right. It should be stored around 55F (NOT at kitchen fridge temp of 40F) and served between 50-60F depending on the wine type. wine chiller

I don't personally sell items and I don't run a shop. My reviews of wine items comes from my personal love of wine and my desire to share my experiences with other people! If I know where to find something I'll link to it, but I will never "push" one particular item for sales reasons. Life is too short to play those sorts of games!

Bottle Chillers

In-Freezer Chillers
Fill With Ice Single Bottle Coolers
Fill With Ice Multi Bottle Coolers

Wine Fridges

Ewave 30 Bottle Fridge


Bottle Thermometers

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