Gemstone Handmade Wine Charms

One of the most common causes of wasted wine is that a glass becomes forgotten, and the wine in it is poured down the drain. As soon as more than one glass of wine is poured, whether it's for a small group of friends or a larger get-together or party, wine glasses all "look the same". People can be sensitive about taking a glass they are not sure is their own. What if someone else just set that glass down, and gets annoyed that you are drinking their wine? To be "safe", they go and pour a new glass.

Don't let wine be wasted at your next dinner or party! The simple, inexpensive and beautiful way to solve this problem is through wine charms. These hand-made beaded charms easily attach to any wine stem of any thickness. A quick spin of the connector, and the charm is on solidly, and will not fall off or be tugged loose. Now knowing which glass is yours is easy! You can keep track of the colors, the individual charm, or both.

wine charm wine charm
wine charm wine charm
wine charm wine charm

These heart charms are all done with real gemstones! You can choose from pink rose quartz, blue larimar, white moonstone, purple amethyst, brown tigers eye and shiny black hematite. Each gemstone has its own astrological sign, birth stone and meaning.

Give a charm to a guest that best matches the symbol, or let your guests choose their own! Help save wine from being poured down the drain! Get a set of wine charms for your home, and they make the PERFECT hostess gift for any party or dinner you are going to!

Only $20 for a set of 6! Standard shipping to anywhere in the US is $3, so the total cost is $23. Contact me if you'd like to ship them outside the US, for the shipping cost to your location. Payment is done via PayPal.

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