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Chianti is one of those specific wines that comes with a very visual memory for most people. It is the red checked tablecloth, the romantic table for two with violins playing nearby. The ruby red wine in a basket bottle, for a perfectly comfy romantic dinner that lasts for hours and hours.

This type of basket bottle for Chianti shows up in many movies, including A Room with A View -


Since this is primarily a "tourist creation" it's hard to identify specific wineries that ship to a specific location in the United States. Every wine shop in the US works with different distributors and importers, so there is no "basket bottle" which is consistently found all over the US.

Here are some bottles I have come across in my experience with wine! So in New England at least you can sometimes find Chianti from Gini, Melini, and Piccini in basket bottles.

Chianti basket bottle

Chianti basket bottle

Chianti basket bottle

Chianti basket bottle

This bottle image was sent into me by TD, who found the bottle under 1/8" of dirt!

Chianti basket bottle

If you're seeking to get a basket bottle of Chianti for your romantic dinner, I suggest you find the largest wine shop in your area and tell them what you have in mind. They should be able to talk with Chianti distributors that they have arrangements with and bring in a lovely bottle just properly to suit your needs!

Sometimes people write me to tell me they have an old touristy bottle of Chianti in this basket and they want to know how much it's worth. It all depends on finding a buyer. Say you have a bottle from 1969 and a couple got married in 1969 and went on their honeymoon to Italy, and they drank basket-bottles every day. They might pay a LOT of money for your bottle to celebrate their 40th year anniversary with, even if it's empty! They might just like having the bottle at the centerpiece of their dinner celebration. Your best bet is to try selling the bottle on eBay, play up that "celebrate a special memory" angle of it and see if you get some bites. Other than that, the bottle is like any other tourist item - probably not worth a lot to most, but worth a great deal to someone who has that memory.

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