About WineIntro's Product Links

It's important to note that I am a wine writer who works out of my home, paying for everything I review and visiting wineries on my own dime. I am not being inundated with piles of free wine bottles and wine products! I want to make sure that I give a completely unbiased writeup of everything I do. If a winery sends wine bottles to a wine magazine, they often hand-pick the specific bottles that go out. That isn't a fair review for the average customer! I want to get my bottles in the wine shop, exactly like everybody else, and review those results.

For this product link area, it means that I am linking to interesting wine items I see in the catalogues I get, stores I visit and websites I come across. Generally I am not making any money at all from these recommendations, unless it happens that the most reliable place I can find something is with Amazon. Then I do link via my Amazon reference code, to get some small (2% usually) commission fee to help pay my hosting bills here. Running a website with a lot of traffic and images can be costly :) But even there, I am *not* changing my review based on that fact. I write the review first, in a 100% honest, unbiased way. Then I link to the item so you can find it, wherever that item happens to be available.

The web is a dynamic place. If I link to a product on a website, there is no guarantee that the website's owners will keep their website the same for all of eternity going forward. They don't tell me when they update their pages, either. In one truly amusing situation, I had a series of pages on wine charms - the beaded rings you put around wine glasses to keep track of whose is whose. Three months later EVERY SINGLE LINK WAS BROKEN. Not because I had put them in wrong - I tested the URLs out when I set the pages up. Rather, every single webpage I'd linked to decided not to carry wine charms or to change their pages around, so that the URLs I had entered were no longer valid.

I have thousands of product pages here that I've created over the years. There is only one of me, and I am already swamped with the work I do :) It would be physically impossible for me to go through every month and check every single link to ensure it still pointed to what I intended for it to point to. Automated link checkers don't work either, because in most cases the link still "goes somewhere" - it just goes to a new page or different page and a link checker would have no idea what was supposed to be on the page I wanted to link to.

So the end result is that you may find links in this area that no longer reach their desired destination. I am very sorry about that! Please let me know which of my pages you were looking at, and which link or links are broken, and I will work on getting them fixed as soon as I can. But please keep in mind that this is a never-ending struggle for me, and until websites promise to never change (which will not happen) this is just a typical part of existing on the web.

Thank you, and enjoy!

About WineIntro's Product Links