Negus - Victorian Mulled Wine for the Kids

In Victorian England, children were served small glasses of wine at the dinner table, and had it in punch at their parties. Here is a recipe for Negus - a Victorian mulled wine - intended for a child's birthday party. It's from Mrs. Beeton's Book of Household Management from 1861.

1 pint port wine
1 quart water
1/4 lb sugar
1 lemon
grated nutmeg to taste

"As this beverage is more usually drunk at children's parties than at any other, the wine need not be very old or expensive for the purpose, a new fruity wine answering very well for it. Put the wine into a jug, rub some lumps of sugar (equal to 1/4 lb.) on the lemon-rind until all the yellow part of the skin is absorbed, then squeeze the juice, and strain it. Add the sugar and lemon-juice to the port wine, with the grated nutmeg; pour over it the boiling water, cover the jug, and, when the beverage has cooled a little, it will be fit for use. Negus may also be made of sherry, or any other sweet white wine, but is more usually made of port than of any other beverage. "

"Allow 1 pint of wine, with the other ingredients in proportion, for a party of 9 or 10 children."

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