The Godwulf Manuscript - Spenser for Hire

I have always loved the Spenser for Hire series - both in books, on TV and in the movies. The Godwulf Manuscript was written in 1973 and is where it all began, with Robert B. Parker emulating his hero author, Raymond Chandler. Spenser was a rough-and-tumble private eye living in current-day Boston, trying to do his best to carve out a life he could believe in.

While much of Spenser's diet is bourbon and beer, he does indeed drink some wine, too!!

First, he has a bottle of Pouilly Fuisse in his fridge at home. Pouille Fuisse is a sub-sub region of France. First, it is in Burgundy, which is mostly known for its red wines. Many feel that red Burgundy wine (made from Pinot Noir) is the finest example of a red wine that can exist. Within the Burgundy area is a smaller area, called the Maconnais district. The Macon area makes mostly white wines. Pouilly Fuisse is an area of the Macon region. Only Chardonnay grapes can be grown here and it is only around 2,100 acres large. They are normally aged in the barrel for a year and can be aged in the bottle for a few years before drinking.

Wines of Macon

Later, he has two bottles of "Rhine Wine" in the fridge. Most wine from the Rhine region of Germany is a white Riesling - light and fruity. In fact, this Rhine Whine is what Hamlet's family drinks during their long nightly parties! It was very popular in England and Europe for hundreds of years. So perhaps it's no surprise that Spenser had a few bottles of the stuff.

Riesling Rhine Wine

Spenser for Hire and Wine

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